GRIN Master’s and Doctoral Grants 2014-15




The Interuniversity Normativity Research Group (GRIN) is offering 10 grants of a maximum of $5000 for master’s and doctoral students.

 The GRIN is composed of 17 researchers interested in the philosophical study of normativity; a study characterized by its variety as well as its importance.  In effect, various questions about normativity take center stage in numerous debates in contemporary philosophy.  The GRIN therefore gathers researchers in ethics, philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, as well as philosophy of psychiatry and epistemology.

The GRIN is accepting applications from candidates who work under the supervision of any member of the research group*, and whose area of research addresses the sorts of questions articulated in the GRIN’s current program of research:

1) Language and nature of normativity

2) Knowledge and normativity

3) Normativity and psychology


  • The applicant must be enrolled in full-time studies in their program during the period covered by the grant.
  • The applicant must be working under the supervision of a regular member of the GRIN.*
  • The applicant must have a working knowledge of French and English.

Grant goal:    

  • Provide support for graduate studies in the philosophy of normativity.

Grant amount and duration:

  • Each grant is for a maximum of $5000 and covers the 2014-15 academic year. It may be conjoined with grants or scholarships from other granting institutions.

Recipient commitments:

  • Develop the research project outlined in the research proposal.
  • Participate in the activities organized by the GRIN (workshops, seminars, colloquia).

Application package:

  • Letter of intent stating the applicant’s research interests and their relation to the philosophy of normativity
  • Research proposal (1-2 pages), approved by the applicant’s research supervisor
  • C.V.

Selection criteria:

  • Quality of applicant’s letter of intent
  • Academic record
  • Relevance of applicant’s research project to the GRIN’s research goals

Please send applications by email to:

For additional information:

Application deadline: Monday June 30 2014, 16:00

 Only completed applications submitted by this date and time will be considered.

* List of regular members of the GRIN who may serve as master’s or doctoral research supervisors: Renée Bilodeau (Université Laval), Michael Blome-Tillmann (McGill), Yves Bouchard (Université de Sherbrooke), Murray Clarke (Concordia), Maxime Doyon (Université de Montréal), Luc Faucher (UQAM), Ian Gold (McGill), Iwao Hirose (McGill), Daniel Laurier (Université de Montréal), Andrew Reisner (McGill), Mauro Rossi (UQAM), Sarah Stroud (McGill), Christine Tappolet (Université de Montréal), Patrick Turmel (Université Laval), Alain Voizard (UQAM)