Happiness and Affective States – March 16, 2018

Atelier GRIN/CRÉ

Happiness and Affective States / Bonheur et États affectifs


Date: vendredi 16 mars 2018

Salle : 307, UdeM (2910 Boul. Édouard-Montpetit, métro Université de Montréal)

Organisation: Mauro Rossi, Sarah Stroud et Christine Tappolet


Programme :

10h30-12h00 : Antti Kauppinen (University of Helsinki) The World According to Happiness


Recently, many philosophers have argued that happiness consists at least to a large extent in positive emotions. In this paper, I explore the implications of a quasi-perceptual account of emotions for the nature and epistemology of happiness.


13h30-15h00 : Lorraine Besser (Middlebury College) “Compassion and Happiness”


Contemporary empirical research on happiness increasingly focusses on the nature of compassion. It is widely recognized that experiencing compassion is correlated with higher levels of happiness—even regardless of whether or not the individual who experiences compassion goes on to act in ways that align with her emotion. Given the importance of compassion to our happiness and well-being, we need a philosophical account of compassion that can explain the nuances of compassion, its connection to happiness and well-being, and the barriers that often interfere with the experience of compassion. This paper considers where it is that dominant accounts of compassion (in particular, Martha Nussbaum’s account) fall short of providing this kind of analysis and begins the development of a theory of compassion grounded within a Humean framework of the emotions and of moral psychology more generally.


15h15-16h45 : Dan Haybron (Saint Louis University) “Measuring Happiness”