Conférence GRIN – Artūrs Logins (Université Laval)

Inquiry and Reasons

Conférence par/Conference by Artūrs Logins (Université Laval)

Quand/When : 6 octobre/october 6, 2023 @ 10:00 – 12:00

Où/Where : Salle/Room: W-5505,  5e étage Pavillon Thérèse-Casgrain (W), UQAM (455, Boulevard René-Lévesque Est)

*La conférence sera aussi présentée sur Zoom. /The conference will also be presented on Zoom.

Résumé/Abstract: Knowledge, certainty, and understanding are all plausible candidates for constituting aims of genuine inquiry. However, a mere pluralist account of aims (and corresponding norms) of inquiry that lacks a more fundamental theoretical motivation is somewhat arbitrary. The aim of this paper is to provide further motivation for a pluralist approach. The key aspect of our proposal is to focus on the possession of sufficient reasons to believe as an overarching aim of theoretical inquiry.