Rodrigo Diaz

I am a postdoctoral researcher and principal investigator on the project “Experimental Metaethics”, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and hosted by Christine Tappolet at the Centre for Research on Ethics. Before that, I did a philosophy PhD at the University of Bern and a Masters in Human Cognition and Evolution at the University of the Balearic Islands.

The project “Experimental Metaethics” deals with a perennial question: Is moral thought and action based on reason or emotion? Responses to this question distinguish two main metaethical theories: moral rationalism and moral sentimentalism. Both these theories involve empirical claims about moral judgment and motivation. However, extant evidence from cognitive (neuro)science studies can be interpreted in either sentimentalist or rationalist terms. In this project, I bring together philosophical analysis and empirical research methods (experimental philosophy) to design new studies that can inform the debate between sentimentalist and rationalist views of morality.

I also work in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and I am especially interested in questions regarding the nature of emotion.

You can see more on my personal website.