Samuel Carlsson Tjernström

I started out my academic journey in 2017 studying behavioral science online from Kristianstad university while living in Vancouver, Canada. After an exchange at Yonsei University in South Korea I returned to my hometown in Sweden and switched disciplines to theoretical philosophy at the department of philosophy at Lund University.

During my third semester at Lund, I became interested in the epistemological consequences of metalogical results, a bit of a tradition at the department. I developed these ideas in my Bachelor thesis where I argued that knowledge is unanalyzable. In my master year I took advanced courses in logic, philosophy of mind and language, ontology and on the philosophy of implicit bias. During this last course I became interested in Eric Schwitzgebel’s theory of beliefs which I then went on to defend in my Master thesis.

After being accepted to McGill university I was elated to come and take advantage of the breadth of expertise that the philosophy department is home too. This quickly had an impact on me in my

exposure to historical, moral, and continental debates and approaches in philosophy I had not experienced in Lund. Especially formative was the course on the ethics of belief where I was exposed to a new set of questions pertaining to beliefs – having previously been primarily interested in the questions pertaining to the metaphysics of belief and traditional epistemology. I also saw a clear lack of influence by different accounts of the nature of belief in the literature. This lacuna inspired me to apply my knowledge of epistemology and philosophy of mind to investigate the question of how the nature of belief is related to its ethics; the project I am currently pursuing.